Sunday, May 15, 2011

Almost Vacation Time

I got over to Eastern Island and checked on the short-tailed albatross chick this week.  It still looks like it's doing alright.  It will have to be banded soon.  We don't want to lose track of that one.  The weather is getting warmer so more of the other albatross chicks are starting to die from starvation or dehydration.  I still haven't got any Laysan duckling photos, as I said before though, I like to leave them alone.  There isn't much big news out here again this week, but it is the last week for this group of volunteers.  We'll be getting a new trio of volunteers on the Thursday flight.  That is also the flight that I'm leaving on.  I'll be heading back to Alexandria, VA to visit Dasha (my wife), but I'll do one more blog from there next week most likely.  I'm not sure if anyone on island will be doing any type of blog for you to get your Midway info.  Every once in a while a volunteer will start one.  I'll let you know if anyone does. 

 This is the latest photo of the short-tailed albatross chick on Eastern Island.

 This photo was taken a few weeks ago by Joe Van Os.  He led a couple of groups for Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris.  If you'd like to read his trip report or see a slideshow of some of his photos, you can check out:

The vegetation is coming back on Eastern Island.  This was all bare sand a month ago.

A white tern found a dead naupaka bush to rest on.  Well, I guess it's not quite dead because you can see a few leaves sprouting out of the branch.

I'm showing a few more of the old buildings lately.  This is the old machine shop.

 Here are a bunch of circular saw blades that I decided to try to get creative photos with.

 Here's one of the shots.  I zoomed in as I snapped this one.  I won't bore you with all 240 pictures I took of these sawblades.

It looks like this albatross is contemplating whether or not this sign pertains to it.  It says "AREA BEYOND THIS SIGN CLOSED  All Public Entry Prohibited".


A Dog Called Ben said...

Love your photos, have a good holiday. Nice to see things growing again.

Kristin said...

Hi, Pete -

So sad to see the tsunami damage to our boat dock and all. Maybe you'll be able to keep the invasives out of the areas the saltwater washed over.

Anne and I will be there on June 20. We're looking forward to seeing everyone again!! I'll be starting up my blog again soon, so I'd be glad to have to you mention it on your blog. I don't think my photos will compare, but at least I'll have some good underwater ones to supplement our very different focus from yours!

Wendy's doing her dissertation seminar on Monday, so she'll be Dr. Wendy Cover!! I'll use that as my season opener on the blog!!


XJ said...

I worked that fancy G2 out of HNL to Midway yesterday. That's got to be a nice upgrade from the old G1 turboprop!

Pete Leary said...

Thanks all. It'll be good to see you again Kristen. I'll put your blog link up on my next post!