Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Volunteers and book.

We didn't have any major excitement this week.  Just the usual things like albatross chicks getting bigger and visitors taking photos of them.  We also swapped out volunteers last week.  Thanks Dan, Karen, Ann, and Nik!  RJ, Peter, Jennifer, and Laura Marie will be helping us out for the next few months. 

There's a new book out about Wisdom, our 60+ year old Laysan albatross.  It's a children's book written by Darci Pattison and illustrated by Kitty Harvill.  Kitty used some of my photos to make her illustrations.  It's worth a look, especially if you know some youngsters who like wildlife.  You can download it for your kindle too.

                                                     Wisdom, the Midway Albatross

I'll also put in this link again for more updates from Chris Jordan's group. They got a lot of footage while they were here so they are still posting interesting videos. 

I don't have a lot of pictures this week since my camera quit working, so I've only got my little point and shoot.  I hope they can repair it relatively quickly.

 A small green sea turtle is looking for algae to eat on this broken old bucket.

This albatross chick doesn't seem to mind the red-tailed tropicbird sitting next to it.

One of these chicks wandered over from another nest.  I'm not sure if all 4 parents are feeding these chicks, but if only 2 parents are feeding both chicks, then neither will probably make it.

This is the view from the pier on Eastern Island looking to the East.

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