Monday, February 17, 2014

Eastern Island Birds

There wasn't a lot going on last week so I'll make small talk about the weather.  Once again it's been pretty chilly for Midway.  The temps have still been in the high 50's and there's been quite a bit of wind, so everyone is wearing their winter gear out here.  The chicks are getting bigger and most don't seem to be bothered by the cool weather, except the really small ones.  I only took a few photos this week and most were on Eastern Island, so here are a few of the birds over there.

The Short-tailed albatross chick is getting big.  It's about 6 weeks old now.

 The Great frigatebirds are starting their displays for nesting season on Eastern Island.  They don't nest on Sand Island.

The Masked Boobies also don't nest on Sand Island.  I only saw one nest over there this week.

This pair may be getting ready to have a nest sometime soon.


Pete Prellwitz said...

Hey, Pete!
Got a laugh at that last photo. Seen head on, it looks like trick photography since all the white around their compact faces makes it appear as though it was photoshopped. (Even though I know it's very real.)

From that photo, I'd be tempted to rename them Masked Hoodies.

Great photos!

Pete Leary said...

Those are pretty funny birds. Their look is a lot more intense than the other booby species.

Awesome Pictures said...

yes really amazing pictures especially the last picture :) like it said...

I lived on Midway 1955-1957. Of course I was 7-8 at the time, but the images of flora/fauna are still vivid. Thanks for the great photos. Gooney birds rule :-)