Saturday, May 24, 2008

Message in a Bottle

I found an old wine bottle in the harbor today with a note inside. I had a tough time fishing it out of the harbor, but finally got it out with a marind debris crate and some rope. I opened it up at Capt. Brooks' tonight, a lot of people were curious so they showed up too. It said it was part of a scientific ocean current study and it gives an address to send it to. My guess is that it's probably at least 15 years old, so I'll do a little internet research to see if the address is still good. I wish they would have put a date on it. At least they protected the note inside a ziplock bag in the bottle because the cork leaked. The bag had deteriorated and the note was still wet, but at least it was still readable. A lot of times, the notes are unreadable from leaky corks, I hear.

This is where I found the bottle.

Here's the soggy note. I'll let you know if I find anything out.


Ex-Shammickite said...

WOW Pete, a real message in a bottle, that's the stuff adventure stories are made of! I'm assuming it's a glass bottle, not plastic... yes of course it's glass, they didn't really have plastic bottles 15 years ago. Amazing that it didn't break!

Ex-Shammickite said...

but if it's 15 years old, wouldn't it have barnacles and other marine life on the bottle.... and did they have ziplok bags back then?
I googled McCawley Oceanic, didn't find anything.
Ooooh I love a mystery!

Sara said...

that is so cool. not quite like the sappy chick flick Message in a Bottle, but close enough.

RunnerBecky said...

That's so neat, Pete! I hope the address is still good. I found one on Eastern Island while we were there, but it wasn't readable. :( Good luck!

Pete Leary said...

The bottle did have some stuff growing on it. Ziplocks were around then and it fell apart when I opened the bottle, so it was fairly old. I still haven't found out anything though.

Brian said...

Ex- How old are you? Yes I believe we had ziplok bags way back in 1993. And I think we also had plastic bottles way back then also. Of course my memory may not be as good as when I was 30.

Billy said...

I stumbled on your site and being a former military investigator I thought I would help you out.

I searched Fairhaven, MA which is about 45 minutes northwest of my home on Cape Cod. I only found records of the note writer's Father at first, but with a little digging found this marriage announcement of his son. Joseph T. McCawley Jr. a merchant marine residing in Middleboro, MA approximately 45 minutes east of Fairhaven. Let me know if you get in touch with him. I am 95% sure he is your guy.

MAUI, Hawaii -- Diane E. (Buckley) Bergeron and Joseph T. McCawley were married July 9 at Kula Botanical Gardens by the Rev. Michael Beachwood.
The bride, daughter of John V. Buckley Sr. of Halifax and the late June E. Buckley, is a legal secretary.
The bridegroom, son of Ruth U. McCawley of Middleboro and the late Joseph T. McCawley, is a career merchant mariner.
The couple visited Maui and Kaui, Hawaii, on their honeymoon. They live in Middleboro.