Sunday, April 6, 2008

Airport Open House

Today was another beautiful day. We started out with coffee over at Melanie's house (our Physician's Assistant). The brand new Airport Operations building is finally open so they had an open house today complete with jumbalaya and firehouse chili. We got a tour of the new building, equipment, and the fire truck and runway sweeper. We also had a game that firemen do all over. The point is to spray a ball (in this case a marine debris float) past the opponent's flag. It's like reverse tug of war. We had a lot of fun.
After that we had a good game of basketball in the gym and cooled off with a jump off of the cargo pier.
Here's the big fire truck and the new Airport Ops building.

This is the spray contest.

Kristen, Brent, and Dana are having a good time.


Peggy said...

We used to do that in Iowa with an empty beer keg! Do you guys have one of those??? ;-)

berto said...

Well, it is ok. Do you have more photos of your equipments.. i have visited the site it sells a lot of used machineries and heavy equipment. Iam still searching on the internet who sells machineries with the Caterpillar brand.