Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy Day

It was a busy day today. We went to Eastern Island this morning where Greg painted the gun and the rest of us pulled verbesina near the duck seep and also shoveled out the pillbox so people can crawl in there. This afternoon we did Chainsaw Friday. We went back over to Radar Hill. Last week we finished the ironwoods, but today we went back and got rid of a lot of the Haole Koa and Castor Bean trees. Both of those spread like crazy. Tonight we were going to have a presentation by the Pacific Grace crew on their travels over the last year, but our projector would not work with their computer. I was looking forward to seeing pictures and videos of their travels, but instead we just played volleyball. We had a lot of players tonight so we had to rotate out. They are all leaving tomorrow, but it was nice to have them here.

This is the Pacific Grace pulling in yesterday.

Matt is giving the orientation before people start wandering about.

This is Brent clearing around the pillbox on Eastern Island. I got to be the one to crawl in the hole and shovel it out. It's really not so bad, if you don't mind a bug or two and the spiny seeds from the tribulus plants.


Delilah said...

You just know how to have fun, don't you Pete.

berto said...

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