Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chainsaw Thursday

We had a good chainsaw Thursday today. We should finish Radar Hill in the next couple of weeks. It will feel good to get that done since we started that project just after I got here almost 10 months ago.
Dasha gave a presentation about the Czech Republic at Capt. Brooks' tonight. It went well. Brent also gave a presentation on his boat ride from Honolulu. He had good pictures of a few of the other islands.
Here's one for Sasha and Edgar in the Czech Republic. Dasha is showing a slide of the size of the Czech Republic compared to North Dakota.

Here is one of my last sunset pictures from "Rusty Bucket". There is a pregnant seal hanging out there and will probably have her pup there also. That area is now closed so she won't be bothered by people.

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