Monday, April 28, 2008

GPS Monday

After some chainsaw maintenance and a little office work, Greg and I went out to map some invasives. We took the GPS unit out and walked all around to map haole koa, castor beans, Guinea grass, and pluchia (sourbush). Those are some plants that we could possibly get rid of in the forseeable future. Not like the verbesina and spanish needles, which will take many more years.
We have no visitors, scientists, contractors, or officials. Everyone that was here last week left on Friday. It's nice to have other people here because it keeps things interesting, but it's also nice sometimes to kind of recouperate and catch up on things. It was good to have Sharon and Carol out here to check the lead in the ground. We found out that it is really high around the buildings and that we could save a lot of birds by cleaning it up.

Here's a baby red-tailed tropic bird taking a nap.

And a pair of white terns on a stick.

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