Friday, April 11, 2008

Spit Island

We went over to spit island today to go pull any verbesina, ironwoods, and other pests that are coming up. It was a worthwhile trip, plus we saw a 2 baby seals. One was just over a week old and the other was probably about 6 weeks old. There were also 2 other adults on the other side of the island.
Tomorrow we are having our 5k run/walk/bike. I'm in the 31-40 age group and there are a few people that I think can beat me. I would've had a good chance if it was 30-39. At least everyone who participates or helps out gets a chance to win the TV. Most people are going to take part. There are going to be a lot of walkers in the older age groups. It should be fun.
Here is the young pup and the mother. The mother only has one eye after a shark got her a couple years ago. The other pup is in the water just out of the picture, I'm sure it would have liked to play with this pup, but it swam off when the mother went in. The mothers will chase off other pups and even bite them to keep them away.
Cindy found a dessicated triggerfish, and here's Dana holding it for Brent's picture.

I'm not sure what kind of triggerfish this is since it has no color left, but its teeth are still white and sharp.

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