Monday, April 21, 2008

Underground Hospital

Since Sharon got here (one of the lead samplers), she's been trying to find out where the underground hospital was because there were rumors that there were still supplies in it. She got an email today from John D. (who reads my blog sometimes) who knew where it was (thanks, John). It turns out I knew where it was, but I didn't know what it was. It was next to the nest where I found the little shark a while back. The building was filled with sand through holes in the roof, so there were obviously no supplies there, and no way to get in. We have so many concrete foundations, bunkers, and other ruins that it's hard to know what they all were. Many of them are filled in and many aren't. We found out that there were actually 3 underground hospitals, but the other 2 were gone long ago. It is interesting around here.
This is all that can be seen of the underground hospital (at least if that's the right place?).
A couple of seals and a turtle were sunning on the old seaplane ramp on Saturday.


Peggy said...

Again with the blue sea! Are you TRYING to torture me? lol

Lovely shots as always.

berto said...
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