Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Spraying

Today was another good day of spraying the weeds. It rained a little, not enough to start new growth I hope. I saw the dolphins from the Clipper House at dinner tonight. I went over to the fuel pier to try to get pictures of them swimming by as they left the atoll to feed, but they weren't jumping or playing so I didn't get any good shots. I saw quite a few turtles and a 4-5 ft reef shark. I'm not sure if it was a blacktip or grey reef shark. They both have black tipped fins except the blacktip has an extra black tip on it's dorsal fin (which I couldn't quite make out).

We are getting some visitors tonight for a couple of days. The Deputy Secretary of the Interior and a few of the people that manage the Papahanaumakuakea Monument (which Midway is a part of) will be visiting. I like it when the people making the decisions for this place get to visit as much as possible.
Here's one of the green sea turtles next to the pier.

This albatross is just about scraping the sand on the beach. It would have been nice if it was sunny!


Kodak the Eskie said...

I just love the pictures of the sea turtles. That and the picture of the albatross in flight has a wonderful calming effect.


slune said...

you finally got a baby streching his wings and a turtle good job! Dasa

Paul Loasby said...

Pete, Fantastic shot of the Albatross. As you say, shame it wasn't sunny.

berto said...

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