Thursday, April 10, 2008

Radar Hill is Done

Another chainsaw Thursday and today we finally got done with radar hill. We started back in June so it took about 10 months of working almost every week. It feels good to get that done, but I think next week we'll start on Mount Bart. Mount Bart is a hill that was made when they removed the Navy housing from Radar Hill. They buried all the debris from that so there's a little hill there now.
This morning the volunteers and I showed the visitors group how to clone the bunch grass. There were a lot of people today so we got a lot of pots planted. Everyone seemed to enjoy getting their hands a little dirty.

This was a view of part of Radar Hill back in July.

This is the view now. It's a different spot but it's a nice big clear area now. We probably won't be taking any of the trees down that you can see in the background because they are too big and it would be too much trouble.

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