Saturday, April 12, 2008

1st Annual Midway 5k

It was really nice today for the 5k. I ended up in fourth overall with a time of 22:42. John Klavitter won and Matt Brown was 1 second later with 19:57 and 19:58 respectively. Alex (fireman) was 3rd at 22:33 and Brandon (fireman) finished off the top 5. It was a lot of fun. Since John and Matt were also in my age group, I only got 1 ticket for the prizes. It was enough though because I won the DVD player. "E" (Thai) won the TV.

Aside from that, the visitor group left today. Again, they were a great group that really liked it here. We will have a little break in the visitor program for a few weeks, and they'll be back in May.

Melanie, our Physician's Assistant, also left today. She'll be going to her summer job as a P.A. in Yellowstone Park. She'll be back in the fall, but I'll be gone by then. Her replacement, Jesse, came in on the Wednesday flight, and he seems like he'll work out well too. Some of you who've been here may have noticed I said Brandon came in 5th. He had left last July and is now back for 5 weeks to fill in for vacationing fire fighters. Greg came back on tonight's plane too, so now we'll be able to catch up on some of the invasive species that lhave been growing like crazy lately.

Here are the bike riders about to start in front of the Bravo Barracks.

Aun is crossing the finish line with JR passing the gooney chick in the background. We had to dodge the chicks over most of the course. If we waited another month, we would have had thousands in the roads instead of only a bunch.

The Fish & Wildlife crew. Cindy, Brent, Kristin, Matt, Murray, Me, John (with his marine debris #1 medal), Barry, and Dana.


Paul Lo said...

Well done Pete. As a matter of point, how can one have a 1st Annual 5K run :-)

I never sailed on again after she left Midway. Due to various conspiracies (of my own making/stupidity) she left on Wed 6 hrs before I was re-united with my passport, and that was that. Flew back to Melbourne yesterday, and now getting used to life as the rest of the world sees it. Am browsing thro 1000s of photos now, and finding out what happened for those 8 weeks I was not in touch with the 'real' world.

Thanks again for the poster.

Paul Loasby

Anonymous said...

Nice job with Mount Bart and the race! Ah, I run with you at a distance...

slune said...

Good job to everyone! I guess now you guys will have to come up with a new motivation for runing since the tv is already taken :) D.

RunnerBecky said...

Great job in the fun! Oh, how I miss dodging the albatross on my morning runs. Sure made jogging more eventful!!

mcmudge said...

Did Willy run? Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, I miss Midway!


M E Hughes said...


I really appreciated the hospitality that all of the staff showed to me during my recent stay at Midway.(April 5-13) You folks are the best!
Hope that the bunch grass which we planted in the pots will soon grow plenty of roots and can be transplanted to its permanent location by the next group of visitors!

M E Hughes

Anonymous said...

Spring is Track Season! Congratulations to everyone that participated in the run. Will you be planning the "Midway Ironman"?
Ask John about Pole Vaulting, and the Drake Relays.

Mona & Nelson Klavitter

berto said...

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