Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Snorkeling

The Pacific Grace got on their way this morning. They had a good 2 day visit and really enjoyed the beach time.
I did some work on my resume and then went snorkeling under the cargo pier with Murray and Carol (one of the women doing the lead sampling). It was a beautiful, calm day and we saw a lot of fish and a few turtles. So another good weekend day.

This was the view from the cargo pier this afternoon.

This is a picture from Eastern Island yesterday. It is a male Great Frigatebird.

Here's a last shot of the Pacific Grace. It's a beautiful ship.


Peggy said...

Sitting here in damp cloudy Scotland, I am ever so green with envy with the snorkel under the pier and seeing the frigate birds (which I have always liked for their red pouches).

I really like the photos on this entry.

berto said...

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