Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tropic Bird and Weed Day

It was a nice, busy day today. This morning Greg and I cleared the trail to one of the old ammunition storage huts so people can actually find it again. We also got rid of the weeds on the west beach trail. That was starting to get overgrown in areas also. The visitors headed over to Eastern Island or went snorkeling to see the reef.
This afternoon we monitored the tropic bird plots and had to catch a couple of them to band or read their bands, and tonight we had a little gathering over at Barry's house to meet the visitors. At least I got to meet most of the visiting people. A lot of the time I never get the chance.
This manta ray was swimming around the tropic bird plot by the harbor. It was about 6 ft. across, so it wasn't a very big one, but it was still interesting to watch.
I was going to show you a tropic bird chick, but this white tern and chick were a little cuter. This is a good parent. It was holding it's wing out to shade the chick from the sun.