Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Rainy Day

Today was albatross plot day. We did that in the morning and most of the rest of the day we worked on landscaping around the office.

I found an albatross chick stuck in a petrel hole. The parent was still feeding it so it was just getting fatter and more stuck. I had to dig it out. That actually happens quite a bit.
I also saw a black-footed albatross with fishing line hanging out of its mouth attached to a bunch of fish eggs. It was trying like crazy to get the line out so I caught the bird to help out. It ended up throwing up its food, luckily, the fish hook came out with the eggs. Although it has to take another trip out for food, at least it, or its chick won't get a hook stuck in them.

Kristin and Jimmy are checking the albatross chicks for their band numbers.

Dana, Lauren, Kristin, and Rex are trimming the naupaka and pulling weeds by the office. I'm finally getting a few pictures of people working. I haven't had too many of those, but now with a few extra people around, I can show the work instead of just birds or scenery.

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