Thursday, March 13, 2008


We got some news that we'll be getting some visitors tomorrow. Apparently a 68 ft. sailboat from Australia that was sailing around the world, broke it's main mast. I guess it's stopping here to get enough fuel and food to make it to Hawaii to get fixed. I'll have to put out some rat traps tomorrow just in case there's any onboard. There won't be, but you can't be too careful. I'll have more on that tomorrow.

The petrel chicks have started hatching. I don't know if I'll get any pictures of them since they live underground, but I'll try to get something for you. The only way that they get seen is by accidentally collapsing their burrrows. So I hope that I won't see any, but since it's impossible not to cave one in now and then, I'm sure I will.

Here's a canary on a Norfolk pine branch by my house.


Peggy said...

The great thing about canaries is that in addition to being yellow (such a happy colour) it sings so beautifully. This is another good canary photo. Are the canaries as tame as all the other birds on the island?

Pete Leary said...

No, they are about the same as sparrows everywhere else. You can't get too close to them.