Friday, March 28, 2008

Follow-up to Last Installment

I guess there was one more BBC segment on video and one more story. Here are the links:

Here's a Q & A article with Matt:

Here's the Q & A video with Matt and John:

The BBC and FAA people left this evening. And Dasha (my wife) came in on the plane. She'll be here for a week and a half. She loves wildlife so she'll love it here. We've been concentrating mainly on the plastic this week but we still have our other issues, such as invasive species and endangered species.

Here we are dealing with the invasive species. We are pulling verbesina at the memorial on Eastern Island.

Here is one of the endangered species. Can you spot which short-tailed albatross is not a decoy? The juvenile that was hanging around hasn't been seen for a while.

P.S. For all of those who found my site via the BBC stories and are interested in the volunteer program, here is the link:
But also watch the Q&A link up above with Matt because it's difficult to get out here.

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