Monday, March 3, 2008

Surprise Plane and Petrels

It was a good day for working with plants. Greg and I got a lot of spraying done and the volunteers went and planted some native plants over at the ballfield seep to replace the umbrella sedges that we took out. The ducks like to have a lot of plants there because that's where the bugs hide.

Tonight the plane flew in and brought us some mail unexpectedly. It was on it's way to the Marshall Islands and needed to stop here for fuel and rest for the pilots. They'll leave before sunrise and come back for their normal flight on Friday.

I also went out tonight to help catch and band the petrels. I hadn't done it for a while, but it was about my turn again. Janet and Jen are leaving Friday, so there will only be one more night of them doing that.

Jen, Lauren, and Dana are all bundled up while we were catching the petrels. It was 69 degrees so I didn't think it was so cold. Lauren and Dana live in Hawaii so they have an excuse. Jen is from Canada, so I guess she's just practicing for getting back there next week.

Lauren is having a good time anyway.

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