Monday, March 24, 2008

Watch BBC (If you get it)

Today was a good day. We started out with the dolphins escorting us over to Eastern Island. A big group of us went over to pick up marine debris for one of the BBC news segments. They will be broadcasting Midway's plastic issues for the next 3 days. They will be live from here sometime between 11 and 11:30 our time which is 10-10:30 Greenwhich Mean Time. I'm not sure of the U.S. programming, but it may be on around 6 or 7 Eastern time if you get BBC. It'll probably be on the internet too so I'll give you a link if I find out what it is.

This afternoon the volunteers, Greg, and I showed the visitors how to clone and plant bunch grass. It was great that they helped us out. We got a lot of work done with 16 people.

These are a couple of the spinner dolphins we saw today.

It was a beautiful day today. Here are a couple of turtles and the boat bringing over a few people to Eastern Island.

We picked up this pile of marine debris in 30 minutes for the BBC crew.

This is the plaque at the cross near the harbor that I said I would show you.


Laura P said...

Hola Pete! We saw the segment on the BBC! It was pretty good! The plastic issue is really sad and we think everyone should be proactive about reducing or eliminating the bags from our lives, a least we started doing it a while ago and people look at you when you don't want a bag as if you were from another planet..oh well..Hope everything is going well! Keep up the good work and have an awesome B-day on the 28th! How did the dulce de leche turn out? Hugs! Laura and Pablo

Peggy said...

I was at work - NUTS!

I wonder if they'll show it again (I know that the point was that it's live . . .)

I am trying so hard not to have plastic in my life, but it is impossible. I especially wish to steer clear of small plastic objects.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo of the monument.
Nelson & Mona