Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Plastic

Today we said goodbye again to the sailboat racers. Three of crew actually stayed behind and are going to take the plane back tonight. They are going to try to get aboard other boats in Honolulu to continue the race to Santa Cruz. The and the other boat will take a while to repair their masts, and may get a late start for the next leg of the race.
The BBC crew came down to the pier to see them off. It worked out perfectly for their story on the effects of plastic since one of the sailboat crew spotted an albatross chick with plastic hanging out of its mouth. They are doing a few stories on plastic around the world, and for those of you who get BBC news, they will be doing a live broadcast on Tuesday. I'll let you know the details if I find out. Anyway John K. removed the plastic and all is well.

This is the chick with plastic problems.
Here's the BBC crew with John Klavitter explaining the situation.

This is what the bird had. It looks like a little plastic mesh bag for produce or something. Normally the chick would have just swallowed the whole thing and it would have taken up space for food, but the hook caught on its mouth. It probably has more plastic in its stomach, but at least this piece is out.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Your comments on plastic are interesting.
I recently spent a month in Florida on the Atlantic side.
Every morning I would walk our stretch of beach with a pocket full of grocery bags, and fill 2 or 3 of them with plastic junk that washed up on the beach overnight. Then I would put the bags in the garbage containers. But I wonder where the garbage containers go... do you think they are dumped at sea? The amount of plastic on the beach was incredible, especially after a hurricane and high seas.
And the other people on the beach just seemed to be quite happy sitting and sunbathing among the junk, as though they didn't even see it. I was asked if picking up garbage was my job, and people were really surprised to learn that I was doing it cos I thought the beach was dirty and that all the plastic can kill or maim the ocean creatures!

Anonymous said...

Can you get a shot of the monument by the boat house that has the inscription about Easter?

Mona & Nelson Klavitter

Pete Leary said...

The BBC guys are kind of dissappointed that we pick up the trash so often. They were hoping for a lot more of it.