Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sailboat's Gone

Our new friends on the sailboat left this afternoon. They were a really good bunch of people. Even though they can't get their mast replaced anytime soon, they still want to get to Hawaii soon to be with the other boats. One of the other boats broke their mast also, but were closer to Hawaii. These aren't even professional sailors. They pay a lot of money to do a 3 week sailing class and then they pay to take different legs of the races. It's all on the link that I gave you yesterday, plus it tells what these sailors actually do for a living. I'll have to check on their progress since their actual sailing track is mapped by gps.

One of the traditions at the All Hands Club is for visiting groups to decorate a ceiling tile.

They were tied up to our old landing craft. Now they are headed for Honolulu.


Ex-Shammickite said...

They didn't stay long! Just long enough to experience what walking on dry land again feels like?
Did they all walk with a rolling sailor type gait?

Dubuque said...

Might be interesting to see more of the ceiling tiles at the "All Hand's Club" and the story that goes with it.
Retirements, Japanese flight emergency landing, etc.