Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Seattle Day

More wind and rain today. We still couldn't do any chainsawing or tropic bird banding, so it was an inside work day. I feel sorry for our volunteer Lauren, who leaves Friday and has had only one sunny day since she's been here. At least the other 2 volunteers, Dana and Kristin are here for a while longer so they may get some good weather. There's not much more to report on now. So here's your picture.

This is a Bonin petrel chick. The burrow got collapsed, so it had to sit outside for a minute until it had a hole to go back to. They are little puffballs with a beak. I'm sure they have eyes, but you really can't tell.


Michael Carlson said...

Talk about an adorable little puff ball. Thanks for all the updates Pete. Say hello to everyone for me. I seem to forget, do you now have wireless in the house?

Pete Leary said...

You're welcome. I told everyone hi. And no wireless!