Saturday, March 1, 2008

Volleyball Day

It was a cool day again today, but warm enough to play volleyball this afternoon. After the game we had to go over to cargo pier and jump off. A lot of people said it was too cold so they didn't go, but the ones that went had a good time. The band is playing at the All Hands Club again tonight. The occasion is that the construction workers are leaving on Friday and no one wants to have a party on a weeknight.

Here's the game near Capt. Brooks'.

This is Zen trying to dive, but he didn't jump far enough so it ended up being a belly flop.


Peggy said...

Weren't you worried that the volleyball might clobber the occasional albatross walking by?

Pete Leary said...

Not really. As long as they stay off the court, they are fine. Occasionally one lands on the court, and we wait to until it walks off to play.