Friday, March 28, 2008

Last Installment

The BBC did the last of their Midway stories today. Here's the latest:

And here's the latest of the written stories:

Today was another Chainsaw Thursday. The ironwood trees at Radar Hill are almost gone. This evening we had a get together at Capt. Brooks' Tavern where the BBC clips were shown to the people who hadn't seen them yet. The visitors came up also and it was the most people I had ever seen there at once.

This is part of our collection of interesting things we've found that the albatross brought here. These things were found near nests and not just washed up. That big toy is about 6" tall and was probably a stomach full for a bird. Like I said yesterday, sometimes you really do wonder where these things came from.


Anonymous said...

Great Reporting on the Reporting. AND Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be the Big **?

Laura P said...

Happy B-day Pete!! We're following the stories/videos from the BBC pretty closely...nice uniform!! Have a great day...enjoy...and salud!!! Miss you!

Laura & Pablo

Anonymous said...

I am wondering Pete, if you guys are using herbicides with your chainsawing? Maybe I have asked this before if so I apologize.

WS said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! WoW! You are getting up there ;)

Pete Leary said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I know I'm old.
Yep, we use garlon 4 when we cut the ironwoods. They sprout in a couple weeks if we don't.