Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weed Work

Today Greg and I got a lot of spraying in. Right now we are just trying to keep the verbesina thin enough so that the birds can walk around since there are too many plants to clear completely.

Tonight we had a couple of talks up at Capt. Brooks'. Christy gave a talk on the relationship between bugs and verbesina, and Janet gave a talk on her petrel research. It's nice to know what people are up to when they are out here and why it's important.

The white terns are coming back like crazy now. There were always a few around, but now they are everywhere. This is an earlier picture, but I like it.


Peggy said...

Did you ever use that really lovely photo of a white tern you took for your Christmas cards this year?

Pete Leary said...

Nope, but I would have if I had made Christmas cards.