Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Don't Forget More BBC Today and Tomorrow

The supply ship "Kahana" came in this evening. It will be nice to be restocked on our frozen foods. Our new volunteer, Brent, came in on the ship. Brent has been a long time blog reader so he should know what to expect here. He's pretty lucky that he got to do that because the ship stops at the other Northwestern Hawaiian islands like Laysan Island and French Frigate Shoals.

It has been nice having the BBC guys here because they are kind reminding us of the big issues we have here. We see the thousands of albatross chicks dying each year because of plastic, but most other people have no idea. One of the crew, Mark, said they'll probably use a quote from me either today or tomorrow, so don't forget to watch at the times I told you on yesterday's blog. It was about 7:25 eastern time Tues on BBC America, but can be anytime between 7 and 8 pm depending on other stories. The shows on BBC One and BBC World should be the same as I put yesterday, and they'll probably put the stories on BBC online in the Science/Nature section.

Here is a link to David Shukman's daily Midway stories:


This is the link to the BBC video from Tuesday:


This is the Kahana coming in at sunset.

Two of the visitors are planting bunch grass in the field where the Cannon School used to be.

This is a teaser for the BBC story later.

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Anonymous said...

Great Job BBC!

Heard the audio on National Public Radio.

Little by little, we'll make a difference.

Nelson & Mona