Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Job

Here's the update you've been waiting for. I got a new job. It might actually be blog worthy (I can maybe do one once a week or so because daily is way too much work). I've accepted a job at French Frigate shoals. It's also an atoll in the Hawaiian archipelago and is about 700 miles closer to Hawaii than Midway. There's a little island called Tern Island in the atoll. There is a very small runway there, but most of the traffic is by boat. Midway is a big city compared to Tern. There is only 4 to 10 people there at any given time. I will be a Refuge Specialist (Asst. Manager). I don't have a set start date yet, but when I get there I'll update the blog with new info.
Today I went to Case Western Reserve University where Dasha is teaching a group of high school kids about plastic. I brought some albatross boluses (undigested stomach contents) and the kids dissected them and measured the squid beaks, plastic, fishing line, etc. Yesterday I gave them a presentation about the wildlife on Midway and the plastic issues. She showed them the BBC footage also. I went with them while they did a debris pick-up on the beach at Lake Erie last week, so it was almost like being on Midway.