Monday, January 17, 2011

Never a dull moment!!!!!

Now I remember why I did a daily blog a few years ago. Too much goes on around here! Our short-tailed albatross chick hatched. This is the first time that a chick has been known to hatch outside of Japan. You may have already read about that in the newspaper. A few more pictures are on USFWS' Flickr page:

The chick is hard to see in these pictures, but I sat and waited for a few hours and this is the best I could get.

Our first Black-footed albatrosses hatched this week also. I don't have any pictures of that since the weather has been awful the past week (and this week will be very windy too).

The Kahana brought our supplies and fuel. It was good to see the crew again. They are a great group.

We also had another medevac. This time someone needed to be evacuated from a freighter, shown here past the water barge. A Coast Guard C-130 came and picked up the patient and brought him back to Honolulu.

We've had 30-62 mph winds for the past week with very few breaks. Today, the winds are about 40 mph. The winds brought in some very large waves which washed rocks up onto the runway and flooded a large part of the island. This picture is actually a field, not the ocean. Many albatross nests were washed away, but most of the adults should be ok and can try again next season. The only plus is that this should kill a lot of invasive plants.

Quite a few trees were blown down. I'm sure we'll have a few more this week too.

We have to check the fallen branches for trapped birds. This one would be able to get in and out, but I broke the branches off so it can stretch its wings without ruining its feathers.

This was the pillbox on South beach a couple of weeks ago.

This is the pillbox now. It's been through a lot in the almost 70 years it has been here, but this storm was a little too much for it. It's not quite as photogenic anymore. I hope I won't have too many more pictures of this type of thing by the end of this week.

We took advantage of the one non-windy day to try to get short-tail pics on Eastern Island. The weather did a good job of piling up the plastic floats for us.

The spinner dolphins were having a good time following us back from Eastern Island.


Barb said...

Yo, Pete -- How exciting to have a brand, new STAL on MANWR! Are you passing around cigars?! Say, I'd like to ask permission to use either or both of your 2 pix of the STAL on my FOAM blog. *Of course* I'd give proper citation to you, including a link to "Pete at Midway."

Anonymous said...


Too bad about the pillbox. I have several pillbox pics from my trip to Midway July, 2007. I was with the Mitsubishi group of volunteers. Great memories of the night sky. Glad you are back.

Forest and Kim said...

Nuts shots Pete. We too found Midway way more action packed than one would think for a remote sand pile.

That surf flooding is pretty intense. May want to go back to look for Eragrostis paupera once it all settles down and you get some more rains.

Pete Leary said...

Barb, that's fine if you want to use my pics anytime with credit.

Forest and Kim, it'll be interesting to see what happens to the plants around there. I hope we do get some E. paupera coming up there.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you started you Midway Blog, again. I kept up with he Midway blog and also followed you to the Tern Island Blog. I know that your major concern is the various birds. I am more of a history buff and like to see pictures of the old buildings, docks, etc. Quit cutting down the trees and wasting them. The trees are needed, too.