Sunday, January 23, 2011


This week wasn't quite as busy as last week, but there was still plenty going on. There's been a lot of press about our short-tailed albatross chick, so I've been answering a lot of questions and trying to supply some better pictures. You can click on the Flickr link I put up last week to see a couple more photos. The Laysan and Black-footed albatross chicks are hatching everywhere now too. We've had a lot more wind and more trees are falling, but it seems to be getting a little nicer.
A new visitor group came in on Thursday. Students from the Nicholas School for the Environment at Duke University are here for a visit. They've been coming here for a few years now and as usual, are posting a daily blog. Here's the link:
The students take turns with the entries and they do a great job, so check it out.

Here's a picture of the short-tailed albatross chick. This picture is only a few days old and the chick is already about twice as big as this.

Here's one of the new Laysan albatross chicks. I'll put up a black-footed alb. picture next week.

I took this photo of the spinner dolphins from the harbor wall today.

The Duke group got a tour of Eastern Island today. This monument has 3 plaques that discuss the importance of Eastern Island during WWII, that's where the runway was during the battles.

The Chugach Band played at the All Hands Club last night so there was some dancing going on.

The shuffleboard table is in good shape at the All Hands Club.

This is Dan and our current volunteers, Nikki, Emily, and Sarah at the gun on Eastern Island. Dan was the acting refuge manager for the last month, but he left on the last plane.


Unknown said...

Great Pictures. I really enjoy the blog.

slune said...

Baby short-tail is getting big! I hope you get some pics of him with his mom, too.

Nellie Northern said...

Welcome back to Midway, Pete!

Great news about the Short Tail!

Looking forward to lots of photos....just like a "grand parent"

Mona & Nelson Klavitter

Pete Leary said...

Thanks for the comments. I'll get some more Short-tailed chick pics as soon as I can.

Unknown said...

How does one become a volunteer at Midway?