Sunday, July 24, 2011


This week we did a little bit of good.  The volunteers did a great job of getting rid of a lot of invasive plants, planting some native ones, finding two ducks sick with botulism (which we rehabilitated with antitoxin and food), and a few random other things.

I've got a few good links for you too. There's a great article about the tsunami, written by one of our vistitors that was here during the tsunami (Connie Toops).  I had a photo of her digging out an albatross back in March, and she put a picture of me with an albatross that I had just dug out.  Here's the link for the article in National Wildlife Magazine:

Chris Jordan and his crew (Jim & Joe) are back on Midway working on their film about Midway and taking some photos.  Chris is just back from Kenya after winning a prestigious photography award, the "Prix Pictet Commission", which sent him to Kenya to photograph sustainability issues in local Africa populations.  They have a new trailer for the film at  I wish I could see it, but our internet is way too slow out here.  From the first 9 seconds of music I can hear, it sounds great!  If you didn't check out their blog site before, that's worth a look too:  And the last thing I'll mention is Chris' gallery page.  This is a direct link to his Midway photos, but that is only a small part of his portfolio: 

The verbesina is going crazy on Eastern Isalnd after the tsunami spread the seeds around.  It killed all of the live plants, but it looks like it also germinated the seeds.

 A Laysan duck and her 4 ducklings are swimming in one of the seeps on Eastern Island. 

 This is another Laysan duck female with 2 ducklings on Eastern Island.  The other one is a bit out of frame.

Here's a photo for those who like to see some of the historical things.  This is the old gun emplacement next to the cemetery.

This is the cemetery.  Most of the graves are for doctors who died on Midway.  What I was told is that the doctors would normally be the ones who embalmed any bodies or those who died, but if the doctor died, no one was around to embalm them, so they were buried here.  The gun emplacement in the previous photo is just in back of the shrubs behind the cemetery.


Dina said...

I got my magazine this weekend and was flipping through it. Saw the article and thought "Hey, that's Pete." It was a great article.

Forest and Kim said...

We remember doing night surveys for Petrels near that cemetery. Spooky...

Nice action shot of the duck.

Kris Rhodes said...

Hi pete. I've been following your blog for about a year now and look forward to every update. The pictures and film trailer in the links certainly were inspiring--they definitely made me think. Thanks for the updates and I greatly look forward to more!

Pete Leary said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you're all getting something out of the blog.