Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Volunteers

We lost our extra volunteers this week.  They went back to Honolulu on Thursday along with two of our long term volunteers, David and Eryn.  They got a lot of native plants planted and weeds pulled.  We did get a new group in and it was nice of Amelia to stay to help train Anthony, Eamon, and Dani.  They've had to learn quickly about botulism and Laysan ducks.  We've had a few sick ones this week.  
I'll be flying out on the next plane, and coming back 3 1/2 weeks later.  I've had a lot of leave time to burn up this year thanks to spending 9 1/2 months on Tern Island last year.  I'll try to do a blog when I get back, or maybe I can do an entry while I'm in the Czech Republic. 

Tyler and Nikki are cutting back some of the naupaka in front of the FWS office.

There is a lot of grounding wire all over Eastern Island.  This brown noddy and chick don't seem to mind.

I haven't had a sunset picture for a while, and the colors were nice the other evening, so here is one.
The water was pretty cloudy out near the reef last week.  You can barely see the monk seal in this picture.
If I mess with the brightness and contrast, you can see it a little better.
The water was a lot clearer 2 weeks ago when I took this picture of some teardrop butterflyfish, threadfin butterflyfish, a moorish idol, a saddle wrasse, and a female spectacled parrotfish.


Anonymous said...

What kind of camera do you use?

Pete Leary said...

My good camera is a Canon 7D. My underwater camera is an Olympus Stylus Tough 8000. It doesn't take pictures as good as some underwater cameras, but it is a good size for my pocket and is pretty heavy duty.

Anonymous said...

When are you gin in UM/Midway again?:)

i really want a UM flag (i have 18 from some researchers on Baker Islands but they are gone so please visit ^^