Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nice Week

It was a beautiful week.  I spent most of the week catching up on emails and finding out what went on while I was gone.  The volunteers have been busy with the duck surveys, pulling weeds and planting some native plants around the island.  The albatrosses won't be back for a couple more weeks, so we're still trying to do projects that are easier when you don't have over a million birds around. 
Since it was a beautiful day yesterday, we went out to Reef Hotel for a snorkel trip.  The dolphins came and played around the boat for a bit.  So it was another usual day.

John and Eamon are digging a freshwater well on Eastern Island.  We'll use the water for the verbesina removal project that we'll have going on there for the next 4 years.  We dug all afternoon, and although we got to the water pretty quickly, we have to go a lot deeper to make the solar pump effective.

We had a crew out here for many months painting these water tanks by the runway.  They couldn't work on rainy or windy days, so it took a long time.

 I didn't get a lot of great snorkeling pictures yesterday, but it was nice water and there were quite a few fish around.  This is an Oval butterflyfish and a Spectacled Parrotfish.

Here's another Spectacled parrotfish.  The fish make a lot of noise when they chomp on the coral.  You can hear it very well underwater.  These fish are also responsible for making a lot of the sand in the atoll by crushing up the coral that they eat.

This Laysan duck got its head stuck in a plastic ring from a bottlecap a while back.  This happens quite a few times a year.  We caught this one and got the ring off. 


Nellie Northern said...

John is use to a snow shovel!

His Dad Nelson

Proud of all the work everyone is doing on Midway!

Andrew said...

Pete - I was on Midway in the early 80's with the Navy, enjoyed every minute there, and wrote a short paper to help in identifying 20 species of birds to stoke some interest in the 500 or so Navy personnel there at the time. We had one short-tailed albatross there, George, at the time, I hear there is a mating pair now(?) I also took the picture linked below at Wikipedia of lava on Eastern Island. Do you know if this ancient lava, if I recall correctly, on the northeast shore area of Eastern Island, is still visible? It seemed quite a rare geological oddity considering the age of the 20 million year old atoll, it was shown to me by another officer. I'll check back on the blog if you reply. Andrew,_Eastern_Island,_NE_shore_lava_exposure_1982.jpg