Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and a Retirement Party

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.  The cooking staff did a great job on the food and presentation.  We also had another retirement party here last night.  John Hanna, the island manager for DBSI (our contractor, Defense Based Services, Inc., formerly known as Chugach Industries) retired after being on island for about 8 years.  Have a great retirement, John! 
Our new volunteers are learning the ropes, and they seem to be enjoying their work so far.  They don't have too many albatross bites yet, but they'll be getting more as soon as they have to start banding them.

Here's the Thanksgiving fruit table with a bunch of hibiscus flowers that grow around the island to add some color.

Here's the bread table, most was homemade by Laurel and really good.

Here's the head chef, Pong, carving the turkey.

For the big holidays, the tables at the Clipper House get pushed together, which is kind of nice once in a while.

Here's John and his wife Mali listening to Darlene's speech at the All Hands Club.  The presentations were followed by a pool tournament and karaoke.  Normally the band would play, but the lead guitar player is on vacation.

The volunteers are marking a Black-footed albatross nest near the south beach.
Here's a female Ring-necked duck swimming around in one of the seeps.
This is the Laysan/Black-footed albatross hybrid that hangs out across from the Midway House.


Barb said...

Please give my best wishes to John Hanna and his wife!

Richmond Hill said...

Best wishes to them too! It is hard to retire if you're working in a nice environment like that. Nonetheless, people should decide the time when they should just take a step into retirement. After years of work, one should spend a new chapter in their life working hard on some R&R.