Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and Happy Songkran

On Saturday we celebrated Songkran, which is the traditional Thai new year.  It starts with a parade, blessing, honoring the elders, pouring water on people, and then games.  The weather was a bit windy, but was nice and sunny, which is better since everybody gets soaked.  It was a great time, as usual.

We had a visitor here with The Ocenic Society who writes for the website  She's been writing articles with slides about Midway.  Here's the link:

Chris Jordan and his crew are also coming back this week, so just a reminder to check out some of their movie trailers and writeups at:

The Songkran sign was made with Bouganvilla flowers and ironwood seeds.

The Songkran parade starts out near the clinic and ends up at Capt. Brooks Tavern.  

Pretty much everyone on island showed up to Capt. Brooks for the celebration.

A dunk pool was set up, and almost everyone got thrown in at some point during the day.

Rachon and Sam are grilling up some pork.  Some of the other Thai staff did the cooking, instead of the Clipper House staff, so we had a few different traditional dishes.

One of the games.

It has been a while since we've played volleyball.  It's good to see the court in use again.

We didn't have an Easter celebration, but back when the Navy was here, they had sunrise Easter services here at this cross.  It is on the eastern tip of the island near the harbor.

Here is a closeup of the plaque.


Nellie Northern said...

Thanks for sharing.
Looked like a great time!
And the monument photo....

Mona & Nelson

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