Sunday, August 5, 2012


There's always something interesting going on around here.  On Friday we had two F-18's land when one of them had a mechanical problem.  A C-130 came late in the day with some parts.  Here are a couple of news stories about it.  

 This is one of the F-18's landing on Friday.

Here's the C-130 with the 2 F-18's.

Finally, the last power lines are coming down.  We've had a lot of birds die by hitting power lines over the years.  Most power lines were put underground years ago, and now there are no exceptions.

I needed one more photo for you, so here's a surge wrasse that I saw this week.


Pete Prellwitz said...

Hi Pete,
We're starting three of our sons on their scuba diving certification next month, and I'm going to websites like yours to show them what value scuba has. (My wife and I were certified while living in Hawaii in the 80s.) So my questions for you to them is:

1. Is there much reef/wildlife research done on Midway that involves scuba?

2. Is the scuba based in Midway, from NOAA ships or others?

3. Do research/science dives occur on other atolls in the PMNM?

(I'm showing them the PMNM site, too.)

Many thanks for your time and reports!


ralphralf said...

hi Pete!

nice blog!

Love the wildlife their in Midway.



Pete Leary said...

Pete, NOAA does scuba work around here. They do maritime archeology, fish and coral surveys, marine debris work, and a few other studies. USFWS doesn't do diving out here very often, mainly because there are no diving medical facilities and only air evacuation available (not good after diving accidents). The NOAA ships have their own diving setups. NOAA does these dives at most of the other atolls and islands in PMNM. I'm not sure if NOAA has any websites about their dives in PMNM.

Pete Leary said...

Thanks Ralph, I appreciate the comment!

Pete Prellwitz said...

Thanks, Pete!