Sunday, October 14, 2012


The Kahana was back through this week dropping off supplies and bringing people to Kure, Laysan, and French Frigate Shoals.  They had some big waves at Laysan so couldn't actually drop anyone or anything off, so they'll have to swap crews and get supplies onto the island on the way back down the chain.  All of these island crews will be on their respective islands until March or so. 

 The Kahana is parked at the tug pier at Midway.

 Here's the crew going out to Kure.  The returning people will be here until Thursday, when they'll fly out.  Except the guy in the maroon shirt.  That's Jim and he's Kahana crew.

 This has been the view out my back window since I moved in. 

 The contractors took out that shed that was pretty useless anyway.

 I like my view much better now.

My little Olympus camera has some interesting effects settings.  This is the sun going down behind some ironwood trees with invasive bush beardgrass in the foreground.  Most of my different than usual photos lately have been with this camera.


Pete Prellwitz said...

Yeah, I'd take nature over concrete as a favorite view any day of the week.

Do you ever think about snapping some shots of the various housing "officing" out there, Pete? There have been photos 'o plenty by others in the past of the barracks and the airport/museum, but not too many of the officers' quarters or other shops there. I know those buildings aren't the reason you're there (unless they start coming up with biological-type Latin words for Barber Shop or Internet Cafe), but it would be nice to see.

As always, many thanks for the work you do out there and the terrific blog you faithfully keep!

Pete Leary said...

Thanks! I'll put some up soon, but for now you can check out the street view on google maps.