Sunday, February 3, 2013

Even More Chicks

It looks like about 3/4 of the albatross chicks have hatched so far.  That means there are only 100,000 or so to go.  We had no flight this week, so no new people or projects going on.  That doesn't mean I'm not keeping busy, especially since I'm leaving for a couple of weeks on Thursday.  I probably won't do a blog entry while I'm off island, but I'll be back in March.  

 We had a Super Bowl party today.  There weren't many 49er or Ravens fans here and I think there would have been more cheering if it were a Vikings/Patriots match-up.  At least it was a decent game.

 Every now and then the chicks fall out of the nests.  Sometimes the parents will move a few inches to cover them, but usually not.  They think that it's another bird's chick if it's not in the nest.  A few of the chicks haven't made it through the cool nights, so we put them back under the parents when we can.

 This Black-footed albatross chick has been left alone already.  It's a bit on the young side, but it can still be ok.

A Laysan albatross parent talks to its chick.

 Another new chick.

The dolphins followed (escorted may be a better word) us back from Eastern Island last week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pete! Any STAL updates?? :)

biobabbler said...

Wow. Delightful. This is a treat!

I think if one's parent's mouth/beak is large and powerful enough to easily crush one's tiny, fuzzy head, one is probably very attentive to whatever the parent says.

Yes, mama. No, mama. Whatever-you-say-please-don't-kill-me-and-never-stop-feeding-me-thank-you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete, I've been watching your blog for a while from Australia and just love midway. I imaging the solitude and beauty of the place is just amazing, I'd love to visit and do some diving. If you get a chance to take some dusk/ early evening photos on the beach I'd love to see them.
Take care Trevor

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,
My name is Sarah Kaplan and I'm writing from All Things Considered at National Public Radio. We're interested in talking to you about Wisdom, the 62-year-old albatross who hatched a chick on Sunday. Please send me an email if you get my message today. I can be reached at Thanks so much!

- Sarah

Tales of Turtle and Hawk said...

Hi Pete,

After being there for the nest count it is so wonderful to see the hatching chicks:)

We wish we were there- let us know if we can help!

Bettina & Bob Arrigoni

Shammickite said...

I read in the newspaper about Wisdom and her chick.... so I'd love to learn more!

Pete Prellwitz said...

Hi, Pete!
I just listened to the NPR broadcast about Wisdom. I listen to All Things Considered frequently, so it was both exciting and weird to hear a report about Wisdom, on whom I had the "inside track" through your blog. I had a couple questions for you; one serious, one goofy.
1.) I'm sure Wisdom's hubby has been banded. What was the first year of his banding, do you know?

2.) Did you miss out on being interviewed because you were away, or would John Klavitter been chosen regardless. (If the former, the man owes you one or two beers!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Pete, Found your blog after trying to do a search for a friend on who lived on Midway when I was there (1966-1969). Your pictures bring back memories. Thanks for posting!

Pete Leary said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I always appreciate them. Answers to the questions:
The short-tailed albatross didn't lay an egg this year but were around, as well as 2 others.
Wisdom's mate was only banded this season so there's no way to tell how old he is.
And yes, I was busy when NPR called, so John did it. I was taking care of things in the DBSI contractors office.