Sunday, March 10, 2013

Off Island Again

 I'm leaving the island again this week, so I probably won't do a blog next week.  I'll be off island for about 6 weeks, so I won't put up any Midway photos, but I may get some vacation photos up, if I do anything interesting.  I don't really have any updates, other than Wisdom's chick is still doing fine, we're all busy, and Midway is still wonderful.

 It was a beautiful, sunny, cool day today and a nice view up at Capt Brooks' Tavern.

There were hundreds of Portuguese Man-O-Wars washed up on the North Beach today.  I kept my shoes on when I walked the shoreline today.  Their sting feels like what you'd imagine a red-hot, electrified toaster element to feel like.
The chicks grow fast.  It was the size of the egg about 5 weeks ago.

 A chick is getting a good squid oil meal.

 This is the old cable house dining facility. 

 Most of the hibiscus trees are blooming right now so there's a lot of color.

Darlene had a birthday party at the bowling alley tonight so we had the biggest bowling crowd in a long time. 
It was a nice day for getting flying albatross pictures today, but it almost always is a nice day for that around here.


Anonymous said...

I love all your photos. I lived on Midway in 1961-63 as a teenager ~ I was in High School. I worked at the O'Club as a fry cook after school and lived in Splinterville. It was a great place to live to say the least. Thanks for writing your blog.
Greeley, Colorado

Pete Prellwitz said...

Miss your posts, Pete, but hope you're having a great time!


Pete Leary said...

Thank you both. Joe, I've met a few people who went to school out here and they all loved it. I'm sure it was a great experience.

Jim Denny said...

Hi Pete,

I would like to discuss a video project with you. Could you please email me? Thanks.