Sunday, July 28, 2013


We had some interesting weather on Monday.  A few waterspouts formed out in the atoll.  There was no damage or injuries since they never hit land.  Perhaps this is what occurred at Tern Island last year that caused all of the damage?  

One thing that some of you may be interested in is the murals that hung in the Midway Theater.  They have been removed and will be displayed at the Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor where a lot more people will be able to appreciate them.  Here is a story and photos:

 The waterspout isn't very large in this photo, but you can still see it out in the lagoon.  It's not as big as the tornadoes that I used to see in North Dakota when I was a storm spotter, but that's perfectly fine with me.

 The albatross chicks are really thinning out in the parade field now.

Now that there aren't as many birds around, the grass finally can stand up. When the adults return in the fall, they'll stomp it all down again and it will almost look mowed.

 Our beaches aren't quite as nice now.  About half of the birds are dead, but the crabs and other creatures will clean them up relatively quickly.  It's sad to see, but that's the way nature works.  And the reason you don't see much plastic on the beach is because Brett spent a lot of his off time cleaning it up.  Thank you Bret!

Here are two birds who were ready enough to walk to the beach, but aren't quite ready to fly off.

 Albatross footprints in the sand.

 A few of the contractors on island took a trip to Eastern Island with me to help check for sick or dead Laysan ducks.  This picture is on the way back to Sand Island.

 Along with saving the theater murals in the link I posted above, we took these decorations off of the theater roof and put them up in our museum.  I'm kind of partial to the "dolphins" in the upper right since I was on a submarine, and that is the insignia of the submarine service.

I think I need a bit more color for this post, so here are some plumeria flowers from one of the yards.


Barb said...

I love those albie footprints! "Take only photos; leave only...?!?

Anonymous said...

I am partial to the Eagle Globe and Anchor--:)

Pete Leary said...

Thanks Barb, good quote, too.
Rick, I guess that one isn't too bad either.