Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Retirement, Sue!

Sue Schulmeister, the refuge manager, will be retiring soon and leaving Midway this week.  We're sorry to see her go.  We'll also miss her husband Bob, who has been a really big help with most of our projects out here over the past couple of years.  We wish them both the best.  

We've also got some news about the Short-tailed albatross.  The pair on Eastern Island has another egg.  This is the 3rd egg from that pair since 2010.  The female laid the egg and has been out feeding for the past week or so.  If all goes well we'll expect it to hatch in mid-January.        

 I said last week that I would post a photo of the Veterans Day Ceremony.  People are gathering for the ceremony in this photo.

The Thai workers made another beautiful wreath for the ceremony.

 Sue and Bob recieved a few going away gifts at the retirement/going away party.  This is a photo of the DBSI employees on island in a handmade and painted frame (made by Apiwat and A2).

 Our viewing station for the remote camera on Eastern Island is set up in the visitor center.  It's nice to be able to monitor the Short-tailed albatross on their nest from my office.  We can't see the egg too easily, but we should be able to see the chick when it hatches.  I want to say thanks to NOAA for bringing the cameras out her originally.

 Speaking of Short-tailed albatross, this one showed up by Rusty Bucket yesterday.  This is a 5 year old bird that has shown up for the last two seasons.

The albatross are starting to clog up the roads.  It's easier to get around on a bike than in a golf cart now.

Not all of the birds are paired up yet, but you can tell the ones that are with their mates.

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