Monday, December 3, 2007

Winter is Here

So now I see what a winter day is like on Midway. The we have a nice NE wind at about 40 MPH, the temperature is in the low 60's, and it's been cloudy all day. A few ironwood trees have blown over and killed a lot of albatross (plural is either albatross or albatrosses). There are 3 big trees that have fallen just between the office and the Clipper House. I found one tree that had just fallen and freed a couple birds from the branches. I also had to move a couple of eggs because the bird couldn't squeeze back under the branch to sit on their eggs. I'm just glad huge tree in my yard fell down last year because otherwise I would be worried.
Today was another inside day of data and organizing.
Noddies and boobies on a dead tree. I obviously didn't take this picture today. I doubt if there are any birds on this tree today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,
It has to be better there than Grand Forks. I am in Fargo and we have about 10" of that white stuff that is not sand on the ground.:)

Peggy said...

Mid 60's! You poor lamb!