Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I was finally able to catch up on a little work this week.  No ships or major weather events.  We had a group of photographers here again, but they really just like to go take pictures and don't need a lot from me.  It's been nice and sunny and a bit cool.  That's good for the albatross chicks because they won't dehydrate so quickly.  We also got a chance to go look for nets on the reef and picked up a couple of small net peices.  It was beautiful.  The water is finally starting to warm up, and was nice and clear.  I forgot to add a fish picture before I started typing my text, and this blog program is difficult with a slow connection, so I'll just have to put up a pic next week.  Alright, I'll keep it short this week and give you some pictures.   

I had a request to show the cross on the eastern end of Sand Island.  I'm not sure when the last time that there were actually Easter services here.  Here is what the plaque says:

I showed you a picture of 3 people cleaning the Monument Seep a couple of weeks ago and not getting done.  We brought back some reinforcements and finished the job.

 We pumped out all of the water and scooped out pretty much all of the muck to reduce the anaerobic conditions in which bacteria that produce avian botulism like.

 A Laysan albatross feeds its chick some squid (and probably a little plastic too).

 The chicks in the old parade field are doing pretty well.

The Short-tailed albatross chick is getting its adult feathers.

I saw the dolphins again today when I was coming back from Eastern Island today.

One of our canaries sits on a twig.  No story, just a nice yellow bird.


Rachel said...

I always look forward to reading your posts. The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing your corner of the world.

Unknown said...

Hi Pete, my (late) husband and I were stationed on Midway from 1973 to 1977--just before it transitioned to a care-taker status and eliminated all the families. While we were there, we did see one short-tail albatross--beautiful bird. I am truly excited to find there is a breeding, nesting pair there now!

What structures are still standing? The chapel? Galley, Exchange, any of the housing? I'm sure the long runway is still there along with the water collection. The powerplant? Just curious. We loved it there and I often think about it.

naturefinder said...

Hey Pete,

Thanks for posting the seep cleaning photos, and the STAL chick update. Also I know when I was out there in 1999 we had services on Easter Morning at Cross Point. I think by 2000 (or maybe 2001) they decided that there were just too many Bonin nest to continue having that many people and chairs set up out there. The service I remember was well attended, maybe 60 people. Hope to see you soon.

Nellie Northern said...

Thanks for the photo and update.

Did you have an Easter Egg hunt?

Nelson & Mona Klavitter

Pete Leary said...

Thanks all. And thanks for the Easter info Wayne. And we didn't do an Easter egg hunt this year.
Stephanie, I'll try to show some more building pics, so stay tuned. The Midway Mall is still standing, as well as the Galley (abandoned), some officer family housing, power plant, and water plant. The chapel was torn down by the Navy as well as the majority of the buildings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,
I had a few photos of the old bldgs (1958) on Midway from my dad. A ranger there, Laurel, has been nice enough to try and find the places for me and take new photos. As you said, most of the bldgs have been torn down. But I guess a picture of the plot of land is worth it just the same!