Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beautiful Weather

It was a beautiful week.  Nice and sunny but cool.  This week we did a little extra duck work.  We are trying to get a good population estimate after the tsunami and botulism outbreaks, so we are looking at a lot of duck bands that can be fairly difficult to read. We also cleaned the second of the three seeps over on Eastern Island. Only one more seep to go.  The volunteers are just about done banding the albatross chicks too. 

This is Rolondo seep.  We pumped out the water, then scooped out the muck in the bottom. 

 The chicks like to sit in the road.  You have to drive carefully because they won't move for vehicles. 

 This albatross wanted my shoe untied for some reason.

 This duck has a pretty good band.  It says WE. This was one of the original ducks brought from Laysan.

 This is the snorkel spot we went to a week or so ago. It's called Reef Hotel.  There are a couple of deep cuts in the coral nearby where a lot of big fish hang out.

It doesn't look like much from above.  Reef Hotel was a spot where there was a pier with a little building.  It was used to perform drilling operations to find out how deep the original rock of the island is.   

This is a stripebelly puffer that was at Reef Hotel.

 This boat was used for tours back when there was a major visitor program here.  It hasn't been used for years and is now in our boneyard with the other out of commission equipment.

I'll try to show you more building pictures.  This is the power plant.  We don't use the generators that are in the building anymore.  They were too big for our island population.  The new ones are in the white storage containers that you see. 

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Barb said...

I'll say those LADU bands are hard to read...and that's when the ducks are standing still! But it'll be great to get an estimate of their numbers, and therefore the effect on them of the tsunami.

Never knew the "reef hotel" was where the (1960s?) drilling-to-the-basalt took place; fascinating!