Sunday, July 1, 2012

More Films & A Barge

Our barge came in on Friday and brought a load of supplies.  A lot of it will be used for our lead paint remediation project.  I hope we got some new diet sodas for the store too.

We've got 2 film crews out here now.  The guys filming the Animal Planet show are still here, and Chris Jordan and crew are back to work on their Midway film.  You can check out their latest news at:

Also, they need some help with the funding for their Midway film. If anyone has a few dollars (or more) to help them finish the movie, you can contribute either directly through the link above or through their kickstarter site:  

 Jim and Jan are filming fledglings down on the beach.

 Here's Chris filming an albatross chick on the beach near the pillbox.

 Jan is using a really nice camera setup.

 Michael and Simon are filming from the Safeboat as we look for the dolphins for the Animal Planet show.

Here comes the tug pulling the barge loaded with supplies.  

We're using this opportunity to clean up our old vehicle boneyard.  The barge will be able to take a lot of our metal for scrap.

 Some White tern chicks were displaced with some of the lead paint removal work.  The volunteers will take care of these until they fledge.

This bird is thinking about fledging, but isn't quite ready yet.  It's got a nice view.


Seagull Steve said...

Oh man, the White Tern chick lineup is almost too much! I'm sure the volunteers won't be complaining too much about their new task.

Pete Leary said...

The volunteers are liking it so far!