Sunday, July 22, 2012

Still Busy

We've still got a lot going on here with the lead paint abatement and runway sealing projects going on.  Chris Jordan and crew (aka Jim) wrapped up this session of filming for their Midway movie and left this week. We also have a couple of people here with NOAA looking for invasive marine organisms around the islands. A couple of new Hawaiian monk seal pups were born on Eastern Island, and our albatross chicks are fledging like crazy.  So in other words, the usual stuff is going on around here.  And it's still great to work here.

Jim & Chris are filming the albatross chicks that are trying to fledge in the harbor (yes, I did mess with the colors a bit on this one).

 This is the parade field.  Most of our albatross are gone now.  There are still thousands around, but they are a lot more sparse.

 The young albatross are all lined up on the hill.

 I had to go count ducks on Eastern Island in the rain.  It was pretty nice.

 This albatross chick was trying to fly and plopped down right next to the ducks.

 These Laysan ducklings are just about to start getting real feathers.

 This young duck put its head through a plastic ring, then got its bill stuck.  It would have died if I hadn't caught it and removed the plastic.

We went out on the reef today.  Here's a teardrop butterflyfish.  I don't see them around too often.

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