Sunday, August 18, 2013

Eastern Island

There's not quite as much going on around here as there used to be.  Our planes are every 2 weeks, and not as many people coming to the island for research projects and such.  We're still keeping busy though.  We did a vegetation survey on Eastern Island on Friday.  As you can see from the photos, our vegetation survey isn't showing near as much verbesina as last year.  It looks like we may be very close to eradicating it from Eastern Island in the next couple of years.  

I thought all of the Black-footed albatross were gone a few weeks ago, but there's still one holdout on Eastern Island.  You can see that there aren't many Laysan albatross around either.

 Some of the Sooty tern chicks are flying now, so the numbers on Eastern Island will start declining in another few weeks.

 Another sunset from the deck at Capt. Brooks Tavern.

 I haven't seen the dolphins around too much lately, so I went back to my June photos for this one.

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