Sunday, August 11, 2013

Movie Release

There are fewer and fewer albatrosses every day.  I would say it's quieter around here, but the young albatross don't make much noise, and the Bonin petrels are showing up in the evenings again and keep it from getting too quiet around here. 

Over the past couple of years, I've had some photos of Chris Jordan and his crew out here filming their Midway movie.  It looks like they are finally done and it will premier at the Toronto Film Festival in September.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Here's a press release about it. 

We've started our day flights, which will continue until the albatross start coming back in a couple of months.  I like flying on the day flights a bit better because the other Northwestern Hawaiian Islands can be seen. 

This summer has been pretty hard on the Laysan ducks as far as botulism is concerned.  Here Jim, Cindy, and Greg search through all of the tall weeds to look for sick or dead ducks.    

We did a biological survey of an area near the seawall.  You can see that not everywhere around here is beautiful coral.  

This White tern caught a little squid and 2 fish for its chick.  As soon as I walked away, it went to feed the chick.

I've been putting in a lot of photos with blue sky and blue water lately since it's been mostly bright and sunny, so here are some pink hibiscus flowers to add to the color of the plumeria a couple of weeks ago.


Pete Prellwitz said...

Hey, Pete!
(Sorry if this is a dupe post: the interface when screwy when I posted the first time.)

Do you know if and when there are plans to broadcast on NatGeo or Discovery or the like? I'd very much enjoy watching the movie.

Pete Leary said...

I'll put out the details when I hear more info. I would guess it won't be on TV anytime soon though.

canagica said...

Hi Pete-I'm amazed that you can post from the islands. What is internet access like on Midway? Do you have a high-speed connection that allows you all of the picture uploads? Thanks for the answer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete, can you replace your link with this one?
The other is not our press release, it was put out by someone not associated with The film. Thank you! Mahalo! ~Victoria

Pete Leary said...

Canagica- We have a decent connection to the island via satellite, but 1/2 is for the office and 1/2 is for the rest of the island. Most of the time the internet is barely usable, but it's mostly download bandwidth being used, so uploading is slow, but works most of the time. Sometimes I have to upload the photos at odd times and then do the text later.

Cleas said...

Greats. . . Very beautifull movie sir. But not have Movie Streaming HD in this movie.

Brandl said...

furloughed! You where recommended to me by Dr Lindsay Young of Pacific Rim Conservation. I contacted her with the same request for albatross gut/bolus plastic obstruction. I am having a tough time getting in touch with folks. Any input about Laysan Albatross plastic consumption will help, I am working on my own project associated with the excess plastic debris problem. Any words you have are welcome.