Sunday, September 15, 2013

Extra Help

We have a bit of extra help around here for a few days.  The crew working at Kure Atoll is swapping out for the winter so we had the group going out there for about a week, while they waited for a ride from the supply ship, Kahana.  The Kahana came in on Friday, with our supplies, then went to Kure and came back today.  We'll have the off going crew here until Thursday when the plane comes in.    

Thawal waits to catch lines to tie the Kahana up.  

 The light was nice just after sunrise on my bike back from meeting the Kahana.

We needed a lot of extra help looking for sick or dead ducks this past week.  Thanks Scott, Nick, Richard, Gary, Noah, Jenny, and Mary Ann.

A gas cylinder of some sort washed up on the cargo beach last week.  The turtle doesn't seem to mind, but I got rid of it anyway.

It's been a little while since the tennis court has been used, but Jackson, who's here doing some maintenance at the airport, likes to play so he cleaned it off.  It was the first time I've played in a couple of years, and my shoulder is a bit sore today from serving.  I lost, in case you were wondering.

We got out to the reef today and this young monk seal came over to check us out.

The waves were breaking above the convict tangs.  

These fish usually swim around in large schools and all converge in one little area to feed at the same time.


Pete Prellwitz said...

Hey, Pete,

I just finished reading all your archives both here and on Tern. I'd poked around them before, but never read them in order.

One thing I noticed over your years of posting is that while the botulism problem with the ducks would show every now and then, it never lasted as long as it currently is. I was wondering if this present round is in any way different from previous years? Has cleaning up and around the ponds brought out some unexpected source? Or perhaps the increasing duck population?

Great photos as always! (And I enjoy the occasional one you put in that was on HDR.)

Pete Prellwitz

PS: You had invited correction on your posts earlier, so I hope you don't mind if I bring one up:
Its vs It's: There one never-fail rule for the use. "It's" is ALWAYS and ONLY used as the contraction for "it is". In every other case - such as possession - use "its".

Pete Leary said...

Thanks Pete,
The botulism is usually worse in the summer than winter, but usually is not this constant. The duck population has been increasing, which has meant that more ducks are dying farther away from the seeps and are more difficult to find. This is why it's extra bad this year. We have to find every single dead duck or the problem continues.
I like to throw those HDR shots in now and then, just because they add variety.

Thanks for the correction, but it's a 100% rule that you use "it's" for "it is" or "it has", I used it to say It has been a while, so "it's" is still correct.

Forest and Kim Starr said...

Thanks for the great updates all these years Pete. Our luggage was on the Kahana during this shot, while we were on Laysan waiting for it to return.

We posted a few shots while at sea and hope to add a bunch more in the coming days.

Mahalo for all you've done on-island and on-line.