Saturday, June 7, 2008

One More Day

Today I filled out my paperwork for leaving Midway. It was funny because I had to verify that I had turned in my transportation pass, parking pass, and keys, which was easy since I didn't have any of that. I still haven't finished packing, but what I can't fit in my bag will be sent, so I will still have time for my last snorkel trip in the morning.

My plane came in tonight and will stay until tomorrow night. There were quite a few familiar faces. One of the fire fighters that was here a couple years ago came back (Dave O.), one of the Nuclear Test Ban guys came back to work on his monitoring equipment (Bo), my timekeeper from Honolulu (Pat) who also brought me a very nice going away lei, and John H's wife Mali and grandaughter Angela (who flew out with me when I came out last June). I also got to meet Murray's girlfriend, Sarah, who has made a few blog comments lately. There were also a few other people on board who I will get to know a little better tomorrow. We were also supposed to have a medevac for another Japanese fisherman, but apparently he got better. It's going to be a busy day tomorrow, so goodnight.

I was a little too busy to take pictures today, so here's one of a white tern from a while ago.

I finally got a flying black-footed albatross picture that I like.


Anonymous said...

Pete, Ive been reading your blog the past few weeks and have become completely fixed on the idea of getting out there somehow....I am a wildlife biologist and the thought of living with more albatrosses than people is pretty enticing....I think I will apply for one of the volunteer positions this winter. Any tips?

Thanks again for letting the rest of the world know what life on Midway is like. - Steve

Kodak the Eskie said...

Wow, it has been very enjoyable to watch your journey at Midway. I watched your journey through my dog's blogs. Clive passed away in late January and now I have Kodak. We want to thank you for the great pictures and adventures. Keep in touch -- we would like to know that you and your beautiful bride are doing well.
Hugs, Kodak and Kathy

Pete Leary said...

Thank you Kodak & Kathy, I'll let you know what's up with me.
Steve, you can send me an email through my profile and I'll give you whatever tips you want.